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Arthur Hayes Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Bitcoin and Interest Rates

In a recent blog post, macro-analyst Arthur Hayes challenges the commonly accepted notion about the relationship between Bitcoin and interest rates. According to Hayes,...

Understanding the Market Shift: Why the Dollar is Up and Bitcoin is Down

It looks like there's a contrasting trend between the U.S. Dollar and Bitcoin right now. While the dollar is set for its eighth week...

Ethereum, Bitcoin, and XRP: Whales in Motion

Wealthy cryptocurrency investors are shifting huge sums of digital currencies as Bitcoin's price dips below $26,000. According to new data from Whale Alert, a...

Binance Pool Rolls Out Ordinals Inscription Feature

Binance Pool, a Bitcoin mining pool, is introducing a new service called Ordinals inscription, allowing users to tag satoshis, keep records of ownership, and...

Robinhood’s Secret Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Wallet: What We Know So Far

A recent study by Arkham Intelligence, released around August 27, suggests that Robinhood may control a single Bitcoin address with a value exceeding $3...

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