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From Lull to Surge: Cardano’s Uplift Amid Market Downturn

In September, Cardano experienced a flurry of development, with its team actively pushing the network forward. Recent data from CryptoDep, sourced from Santiment, revealed that...

Ryan Cohen’s Bold Move: GameStop’s New CEO and Its Impact on Dogecoin

Ryan Cohen, a billionaire investor has recently assumed the position of CEO, at GameStop, a known video game retailer based in the United States....

Hong Kong Advances Towards Stablecoin Regulation

Hong Kong is taking further steps to regulate stablecoins. After working on this for the past two years, they've recently entered a second consultation...

How MetaMask’s Fee Algorithm Change Benefits opBNB Users

MetaMask had an issue where it was overestimating the gas fees for opBNB, but BNB Chain has shared on social media that this problem...

From Promise to Disappointment: Buterin’s Changing Views on CBDCs

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), recently shared his disappointment about the direction central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) have taken in a conversation with...

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