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TON and Alibaba Cloud Join Forces to Break Guinness World Records

Telegram's ally, the Open Network (TON) Foundation, is teaming up with Alibaba Cloud to launch 256 servers for a special performance test on October...

ADA Tops Development Activity Charts with Over 600 Significant Updates

Santiment, a blockchain analytics company, reports that Cardano (ADA) has overtaken Ethereum (ETH) in terms of development activity, recently securing the top position. The...

Shiba Inu’s Triumph: The Impressive Journey of Shibarium

Shiba Inu, a well-known memecoin, is constantly in the news. One of its latest buzzes is about the new layer-2 blockchain system, Shibarium. ShibariumScan...

Trust Wallet Token’s Unexpected Rise

This week, Trust Wallet's token (TWT), which is ranked 89th in the crypto world, shot up by 22%! That's way more than most of...

Digital Yuan Goes Global: Connection to Hong Kong’s FPS Enhances Cross-border Payments

China has taken a step forward in its journey, towards the yuan by connecting its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) platform with Hong Kongs...

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