Cryptocurrency ArticlesAre Crypto Airdrops a Good Opportunity to Make Money in 2023?

Are Crypto Airdrops a Good Opportunity to Make Money in 2023?

Think of a crypto airdrop as a free giveaway, where new digital coins or tokens are handed out to people who already own some cryptocurrency or those who do a few tasks. Blockchain startups use this tactic a lot, kind of like a promo, to get the word out about their new projects.

Moreover, digital assets can have multiple use cases. Over different time spans, they can grant users decision-making powers within a network or give them VIP access to content via NFTs. What’s cool about these assets? They can be swapped or sold super easily. That’s because they’re highly liquid. So, if you get assets through an airdrop, you could trade them for other cryptocurrencies or even cash them out into your local currency.

How Do Crypto Airdrops Work? 

There’s a variety of airdrops out there, but a common thread is that you typically need to register in some way to get those free digital goodies sent to the right wallet address. For some airdrops, you might need to do a task or two. Regardless of the requirements, the end game is pretty much the same: make sure your wallet address gets noted down before the deadline.

When a startup sets its sights on an airdrop, the kickoff is usually a public campaign. To get the word out, they often take to places like forums and social media like Discord and Twitter. Create a buzz around a new platform launch or a fresh feature, and of course, the juicy airdrop reward.

As the hype builds, the next move for these companies is to make a list of who’s getting the tokens. This isn’t one-size-fits-all; they might gather wallet addresses from those who show interest, or they might take a ‘snapshot’ at a specific moment. This snapshot helps them see who’s eligible based on certain criteria. For instance, if they want to reward those who were using their platform before September, they’ll take a snapshot of all the active wallet addresses from that period.

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Absolutely, from a user’s point of view, airdrops can be like hitting the jackpot without buying a ticket.

First off, it’s kind of like getting dividends on stocks. If the crypto project takes off, those airdropped tokens that appeared magically in your wallet might appreciate in value. So, by just sitting tight and holding onto them, you could see a tidy sum down the road.

Then there’s the extra layer of perks some airdropped tokens bring to the table. Imagine being handed a membership card to an exclusive club. On some platforms, these tokens don’t just sit idly; they give you voting rights, especially if they double as governance tokens. So you get to have a say in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) decisions related to the platform.

And it doesn’t stop there. Think of these airdrop tokens as seed money that you can invest to grow more digital crops. Advanced crypto farming techniques like yield farming or lending can help users expand their portfolios, turning those “free” tokens into interest-earning assets.

All in all, airdrops are more than just freebies; they’re opportunities. And who doesn’t love a good opportunity, right?


When you think about crypto airdrops, there’s a bunch to mull over. First off, you’ve got to be cautious about the safety of your network. When you’re trying to get these airdrops, some dodgy ones might ask you to link your wallet to some sketchy websites. Once you’ve done that, you’re potentially giving a thief an all-access pass to your account info.

Then there’s the fact that not all airdrops are the real deal. I mean, who doesn’t like free money, right? But some of these projects are just baiting folks to buy more tokens to up the value of their airdrop. What’s the catch? Well, they could just flood the market with a ton of these tokens all at once, causing the price to plummet and making the airdrops you got earlier pretty much worthless.

Some folks might also see airdrops as kinda low-tier. Instead of giving out free tokens willy-nilly, maybe it’d be better to reward the people actually doing the hard work, like the miners or others putting in the effort on a project.

Oh, and here’s a kicker: even if you do get an airdrop, you might not be able to do much with it. Sometimes these airdrops say they’re worth a boatload of money, but if you can’t trade ’em because there’s no demand, then they’re pretty much just fancy, worthless digital trinkets. So, it’s always good to be a little wary and do your own research before diving in.


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