AirDrops List

ZkLink Fourth Free NFT Mystery Box

zkLink is a unified multi-chain trading infrastructure secured with zk-SNARKS, empowering the next-generation of decentralized trading products such as order book DEX, NFT marketplaces,...

WOOFi Testnet – Confirmed Airdrop

The testnet of WOOFi Pro is here, and its arrival signals that a new era of on-chain orderbook trading is on the horizon. Powered...

Block Bones Waitlist

Block Bones made its debut on cardano in late October 2022 with 6969 NFTs, and it didn’t take long for the project to gain...

Free Axelar NFT For Potential Airdrop

Axelar provides a decentralized network that connects dApp builders with blockchain ecosystems, applications and users for frictionless cross-chain communication. Axelar consists of a protocol...

Xion Airdrop

The XION Public Testnet comprises on-chain and off-chain phases, providing an immersive exploration of the XION ecosystem. Participants will play a vital role in...

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