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AI’s Surge: A Double-Edged Sword for the U.S. Economy

In a time when technology's rapid growth takes center stage, AI stands out both as a symbol of progress and a catalyst for economic...

Mysterious Withdrawals Rock Wells Fargo Accounts

Customers of one of the major U.S. banks, Wells Fargo, have reportedly noticed unexpected withdrawals from their accounts. This issue, labeled as “debit card...

ChatGPT, Anthropic & the New Age of AI

Wow, things have taken quite the turn in the tech world! PitchBook just dropped some data that's honestly a bit shocking. While startup funding...

From Gaza to Gas Stations: Middle East Conflict and Its Effect on USA

The ongoing tension between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East has far-reaching effects, impacting areas like oil supplies, U.S. politics, and global relations. With...

OpenAI Considers In-House Chip Production Amid Global Shortage

According to rumors OpenAI is considering manufacturing its AI chips due to a global shortage of these specialized components. A recent report from Reuters...

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