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Coinbase Earns Spanish Central Bank Approval, Solidifying Its Position in Europe

Coinbase has recently gained approval from the bank of Spain to officially operate as a Bitcoin and digital asset exchange while also offering custodial...

China’s Property Crisis: Beyond Evergrande and the Ripples in Global Economy

The situation with China's property market is causing a lot of global economic stress. Recent studies show that it's now seen as a major...

Microsoft’s Potential Plan to Integrate Crypto Wallet Support Across Upcoming Devices

According to a report, from Axios there are indications that Microsoft upcoming hardware products might have improved features for supporting wallets. This information was...

Vietnam Emerges as Strategic Alternative in U.S.-China Tech Rivalry

The U.S. is ramping up its relationship with Vietnam, announcing several new business partnerships in important fields like artificial intelligence (AI) and aviation. According...

Navigating Bankruptcy and a $7 Billion Estate: The Rise, Fall, and Potential Rebirth of FTX

Facing legal hurdles and upcoming court dates, FTX is navigating through bankruptcy with an estate worth about $7 billion, as recent legal documents show....

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