Cryptocurrency Scams

Ronaldinho Under Investigation for Cryptocurrency Scam, Skips Court Appearance

Brazilian officials have reportedly initiated an investigation into legendary soccer player Ronaldinho, whose real name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, over suspicions that he...

Balancer DeFi Protocol Suffers Nearly $900,000 Exploit Days After Revealing Critical Vulnerability

Just a few days after revealing a security flaw impacting its enhanced pools, the decentralized finance platform Balancer fell victim to an attack. The...

Gryphon Digital Seeks Dismissal from Sphere 3D Lawsuit

Gryphon Digital is asking to be removed from a legal case initiated by its ex-partner, Sphere 3D, concerning a fraudulent Bitcoin transaction linked to...

Harbor Stablecoin Project and BNB’s Cross-Chain Bridge Hit by Security Breaches

The Harbor stablecoin initiative on the Cosmos network confirmed on Saturday, Aug. 19, that it suffered a security breach leading to exploitation. The project,...

Cypher Protocol Recovers Half of $1 Million Lost in Exploit

Cypher Protocol managed to retrieve about half of the funds they lost, amounting to around $600,000. The firm faced a major setback on August...

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