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Bitcoin User Claims Ownership of Hacked Funds in Record-Breaking Fee Transaction Involving Miner AntPool

A Bitcoin user claimed ownership of funds involved in a historic transaction, alleging they were hacked. This incident, involving miner AntPool receiving over 83...

IonicXBT’s Warning: Crypto Trading is Not a Regular Job

A prominent crypto analyst, ionicXBT, advises against treating crypto trading as a regular job, emphasizing the need for skill development and highlighting the absence of guaranteed income in the field.

18 Countries Unite for AI Security Standards

Eighteen countries, including major global powers, have collaborated to publish a set of guidelines focused on enhancing the security of AI models, emphasizing the need for these models to be "secure by design" and addressing cybersecurity as a crucial aspect of AI development.

Robert Kiyosaki Champions Bitcoin and Gold Amidst Economic Uncertainties, Contrasts with Warren Buffett’s Views on Currency

Gold's recent surge to a record high price is being hailed as "excellent news" by Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of "Rich Dad Poor...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches Record High at 67.96 T

Bitcoin mining has reached a historic peak, with mining difficulty surging by 5.07% to an all-time high of 67.96 T (terahashes). According to,...

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