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Robert Kiyosaki Champions Bitcoin and Gold Amidst Economic Uncertainties, Contrasts with Warren Buffett’s Views on Currency

Gold's recent surge to a record high price is being hailed as "excellent news" by Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of "Rich Dad Poor...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches Record High at 67.96 T

Bitcoin mining has reached a historic peak, with mining difficulty surging by 5.07% to an all-time high of 67.96 T (terahashes). According to,...

Nigerian Politician Arrested for Alleged Involvement in $757K Crypto Heist

Nigerian authorities have detained Ambassador Wilfred Bonse, a notable Nigerian politician, on charges of theft and money laundering related to a security breach at...

Dan Tapiero Foresees Bitcoin Soaring Beyond $100,000: A Conservative Yet Optimistic Crypto Outlook

Dan Tapiero, the CEO of 1RoundTable Partners, a growth equity fund, predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will exceed $100,000. He describes this as a conservative...

MicroStrategy Hits Highs Not Seen Since 2021

MicroStrategy, a leading enterprise analytics firm, saw its stock (NASDAQ:MSTR) soar above $500 on Black Friday, marking its highest point since December 2021 and valuing the company at $7.33 billion, driven by its successful long-term investment in Bitcoin. Despite various financial ups and downs, the company has amassed a significant Bitcoin portfolio, holding about 0.75% of the cryptocurrency's total circulating supply.

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