Bitcoin News

Indicators Signal the Approach of a Bull Market

The co-founder of Delphi Digital, Kevin Kelly, pointed out on August 14th that there are certain on-chain indicators and graphics suggesting we might be...

Major Corporations Set to Acquire Bitcoin in Large Quantities in the Future

In a recent podcast interview, Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy shared his view that there shouldn't be much worry about big companies buying and storing...

Where Will Bitcoin Mining Be After the Halving?

It's no secret that the environmental impact of bitcoin mining has raised concerns due to its substantial energy usage. Those within the industry are...

Valkyrie to Launch Dual Bitcoin and Ether ETF Despite Regulatory Questions

Valkyrie has recently submitted a Form 497 outlining its plan to convert its existing Bitcoin Technique exchange-traded fund (BTF) into a dual Bitcoin and...

MicroStrategy’s Choice: Embracing Bitcoin for Strategic Growth

Michael Saylor, the co-founder of MicroStrategy, is confident that his company will remain an attractive option for investors looking to invest in Bitcoin, even...

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