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Altcoin News: Litecoin, Monero, Ripple News

Altcoin news column provides the most interesting and important cryptocurrency news about altcoins – alternative (to the main cryptocurrency – bitcoin BTC) coins. The column includes Litecoin news, Ripple news, Monero news and others. Altcoins news column also excludes the second coin by capitalization – Ethereum ETH. This altcoin has it’s own “Ethereum news” column, apart from altcoin news.

Altcoins are quite numerous – there are over 2 thousand of them. The main idea of almost every altcoin – to make something different. They are more interesting, more protected, more private, faster, more scalable and even more profitable than bitcoin. The main cryptocurrency has only one general purpose – to be the new means of payment. Altcoins always have to prove that their difference from bitcoin is important. This is the main reason, why altcoin news is the place that is always full of excitement, thrill, actions and sometimes, even drama than other news in the cryptocurrency world. Altcoin news is never boring.

Altcoin news is the play with the huge amount of actors. More and more of the new coins appear every day. Unfortunately, most of them do not live for a long time. They are more volatile and risky, thus much more profitable than bitcoin. This makes altcoin news very important for cryptocurrency investors and crypto traders.

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The latest altcoin news: litecoin, monero, ripple news

Bittrex: ETC and XRP to fiat USD trading. Analysis

Bittrex: ETC and XRP to fiat USD trading. Analysis

Bittrex, one of the leading crypto exchanges, announced that starting from August 20, Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ripple (XRP) will start trading on its...
RISE results of April

RISE: results of April

According to Rise Newsletter April 2018 , the month was full of important events. The main event was the release of RISE TypeScript Core 1.0.0 to...
Electroneum launched a smartphone!

Electroneum launched a smartphone!

Out of hundreds ICOs of the past year, Electroneum is the one that doesn't want to go away and it seems that...
Is Monero Finally Losing its Bad Boy Image

Is Monero Finally Losing its ‘Bad Boy’ Image?

Created in 2014, Monero blazed onto the crypto scene as its price shot up from $13 at the end of 2016 to $275 at...
Judgment Day for Altcoins

Judgment Day for Altcoins

On the Hong Kong crypto exchange, OKEx is an event that in many media has already been dubbed as "the day of judgment for...
Bitcoin Cash network is strongly centralized

Bitcoin Cash network is strongly centralized

A few weeks after the announcement of the attack on the Bitcoin Cash network, a group of Bitpico hackers reported that altcoin suffers from...
XRP Classic (XRPC) Project

XRP Classic (XRPC) Project

Current cryptocurrency projects often face competition from their clones, and even Bitcoin has many “versions”. It seems that now the XRP lineup...
Why do many criticize EOS?Why do many criticize EOS?Why do many criticize EOS?

Why do many criticize EOS?

Recently, more and more criticism has been emerging about EOS, related to its revaluation, overvaluation, the incompetence of developers and insufficient decentralization. When studying the...
Charlie Lee is interested in Monero

Charlie Lee is interested in Monero

In a recent interview, the developer of Litecoin noted that one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies for him is Monero (XMR). Monero (XMR): an interesting...
Is it worth it to invest. Litecoin price fell below $ 120

Is it worth it to invest. Litecoin price fell below $ 120

Now the currency is traded at $ 117. Analysts are sure that in the near future the price will not rise above $ 122 On...

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