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PPCoin (PPC)

Cryptocurrency, issued on August 19, 2012. The main purpose of its appearance is to test in practice a new method of generating Proof-of-Stake blocks...
NEO cryptocurrency

NEO cryptocurrency

NEO - cryptocurrency from China, launched in 2014 under the Antshares name. NEO supports smart contracts that can be written in C #, C ++, Java,...
Ethereum Platform and ETH What are they

Ethereum Platform and ETH: What are they?

What is an Ethereum? Ethereum is an open platform based on the blockchain, which helps developers to create their decentralized applications. The platform has its...
Bitcoin BTC What Is Bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin (BTC)? How to buy BTC?

Bitcoin (BTC) is "cryptocurrency". The term "cryptocurrency" in English means the type of electronic money based on cryptography. That is, the production of currency (its...
Bytecoin Oldest Privacy-Focused Crypto Coin

Bytecoin – Oldest Privacy-Focused Crypto Coin

According to, there are 1575 cryptocurrencies present and live today. But how many of them are really unique? Looking back at 2017, it may...

Old JavaScript bug is still a security threat to cryptos

JavaScript class SecureRandom() has a bug in it and doesn't generate really secure keys. How is it related to cryptocurrencies? There are numerous browser-based cryptocurrency products that...
GPUs And ASICs A Never Ending Battle For Mining Supremacy

GPUs And ASICs – A Never Ending Battle For Mining Supremacy

Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, cryptocurrency mining has been popular both for average enthusiasts and hardcore fanatics. In the early days there was no such...
RISE accelerates blockchain with TypeScript core launch to mainnet

RISE accelerates blockchain with TypeScript core launch to mainnet

Today, RISE VISION PLC has announced that their Typescript core 1.0.0 has released to mainnet. RISE offers a platform for decentralized applications powered by...
Electroneum FUD

Electroneum vs FUD

What is Electroneum? ELECTRONEUM. THE MOBILE CRYPTOCURRENCY. Secure and private Designed for mass adoption App-based mobile mining Signed agreements with global mobile networks Provide a...
Bitkan CEO Discusses China Bitcoin Cash and the K Site

Bitkan CEO Discusses China, Bitcoin Cash, and the ‘K Site’

During the Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo, spoke with the CEO of Bitkan, Fang Yu, about the recent regulatory actions against cryptocurrency exchanges in China...

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