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CRYPTO: with Kurt Russell!

CRYPTO: with Kurt Russell!

A new movie, starring Kurt Russel is coming out soon. What is it about? A young agent is tasked...
Fishing on the skating rink

Fishing on the skating rink

We know that crypto world is currently going through the winter phase and there are not much thrilling news around. Obviously, when...
Cash: Neither a Cockroach Nor a Mayfly

Cash: Neither a Cockroach Nor a Mayfly

Is Cash like a Bee then? Fighting the onslaught of digital banking and leaving signs of domino effects for humans? Making sense...
Hypochondriacs in a Coal Mine

Hypochondriacs in a Coal Mine

Paper-cuts are not as serious as snake-bites. We know that. Speaking of security, forks are not as scary as knives. That....
Mayer Multiple: Trace Mayer's indicator

Mayer Multiple: Trace Mayer’s indicator

You probably heard of multiple indicators, but this one is interesting for a few reasons. First reason, it is created by Trace...
Is Ripple a unique investment coin

Is Ripple a unique investment coin?

Ripple stands out against the background of other cryptocurrencies. Actually, it is extremely difficult to even call it cryptocurrency in general. At...
Money management on cryptocurrency market

Money management on cryptocurrency market. Part 2

In the first part of the article "Money management on cryptocurrency market", we discussed in details the investment part of your cryptocurrency trading portfolio,...
Ethereum: a shitcoin that returns to the “Drop to zero” plan?

Ethereum: a shitcoin that returns to the “Drop to zero” plan?

During the virtual conference on Friday, October 19, the developers announced that the implementation of the Constantinople update of the Ethereum was postponed until...
Cheating at bitcoin. Canceling transactions

Cheating at bitcoin. Cancelling transactions

We all know one of the main principles of the cryptocurrency blockchain - transactions cannot be cancelled and once the funds are sent, there is...
Petro cryptocurrency. Opinion. Long read

Petro cryptocurrency. Opinion. Long read.

El Petro To start with, let's make it clear, what Petro is: The Petro is the first cryptocurrency ever backed by a State, according to the...

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