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Toshi Wallet is now called Coinbase Wallet

Toshi Wallet is now called Coinbase Wallet

The company claims that changing the name is more than just a rebranding exercise, suggesting that the wallet will evolve over time to offer...
What is Rise Coin (RISE)?

What is Rise Coin (RISE)?

Rise (RISE) is a DPOS (Delegated proof of Stake) coin which aims to enable developers to create dApps, smart contracts, as well as becoming...
What is Dash? A Guide for Beginners

Dash? What is Dash Coin? A Guide for Beginners

The fast-growing crypto space has brought so many opportunities ranging from a faster way of sending money across borders to lower transaction fees than...

Stay away from Electrum Pro

Bitcoin wallets are an integral tool in the world of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, not all wallets are created equally safe. The Electrum Pro wallet has...

Old JavaScript bug is still a security threat to cryptos

JavaScript class SecureRandom() has a bug in it and doesn't generate really secure keys. How is it related to cryptocurrencies? There are numerous browser-based cryptocurrency products that...
Major Risk For Mobile Android Wallet Users

Major Risk For Mobile Android Wallet Users

Mobile Android cryptocurrency wallet users are at risk for hacking because of a new vulnerability that allows the MediaProjection service to capture the user’s...

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