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VeriSol - Verifier for Solidity under development by Microsoft

VeriSol – Verifier for Solidity under development by Microsoft

In its blog, Microsoft announced the development of an open formal verification scheme for smart Ethereum contracts in the Solidity programming language.The tool will...
NEO cryptocurrency

NEO cryptocurrency

NEO - cryptocurrency from China, launched in 2014 under the Antshares name. NEO supports smart contracts that can be written in C #, C ++, Java,...
What Ethereum is and how to buy ETH?

A Beginner’s Guide: What Ethereum Is and How to Buy ETH

What Ethereum is?Difference between ETH and BTCWhat are Ethereum smart contracts?How to buy ETH? Where to buy Ethereum?Pros and cons of the ETH platform?The...
Why CryptoKitties matters

Why CryptoKitties matters

A blockchain-based game that lets you birth and trade digital kittens raised $12 million in new funding last week from some of the most...

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