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PARSIQ’s universal tool launched into crypto space

PARSIQ launches a comprehensive tool for blockchain analysis and monitoring Both Bitcoin and the transactions in its blockchain, as in the alternative cryptocurrencies (Altcoins), tend to...

Nodis, the gamified platform for online marketing and influencers

The NODIS platform and the Challenge program The platform proposed as a solution to the mismatches and difficulties in the social network market by NODIS aims...
An IBM answer to SWIFT and xRapid

An IBM answer to SWIFT and xRapid

American technical giant IBM announced the creation of a SWIFT competitor  - a global payment blockchain system based on the Stellar protocol. IBM plans to present the...
Maersk led the blockchain into the open sea

Maersk led the blockchain into the open sea

IBM and the Danish shipping company Moller Maersk are developing the TradeLens blockchain platform for the documentation of real-time cargo transportation. Access to the...

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