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The American FBI crashed cryptos' prices down

The American FBI crashed cryptos’ prices down

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) currently conducts 130 different investigations related to cryptocurrencies. The actions of American law enforcement officers literally "knocked down"...
Amazon shopping with Bitcoin Cash

Amazon shopping with Bitcoin Cash

The Purse service, which allows you to make purchases from Amazon in bitcoins, has now added Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. This news...
Interest in cryptocurrency decreased fourfold

Interest in cryptocurrency decreased fourfold

According to the analytical data of Google Trends, the number of requests for the word "bitcoin" has decreased by more than 75% since the...
Litecoin became compatible with the Blocknet protocol

Litecoin became compatible with the Blocknet protocol

The process of exchanging the cryptocurrency has become simpler, sellers can now accept for payment money and other types of tokens: they will be...
EOS outperforms Bitcoin Cash

EOS outperforms Bitcoin Cash

Despite the fact that crypto market still suffers drawdowns, some tokens still manage to break the general trend for a fall. So far, EOS...

Bitcoin Cash will be delisted from BL3P

Bitcoin fork does not meet the requirements of the trading platform, its representatives said. Users will have to withdraw coins to third-party wallets before...
Circle Invest Adds Monero on App

Circle Invest Adds Monero on App

Circle Invest has added Monero to its portfolio of cryptocurrency provided on its investment app, according to the announcement made on 7th May 2018. On 2nd May...
Bitcoin Cash a scam

Bitcoin Cash – a scam?

Bitcoin Cash ranked #4 nowadays, can be called a scam. It is even called a scam in few sources. For example, intentionally misleading newcomers...
Bigger Blocks and Smarter Contracts Whats In Bitcoin Cashs Next Fork

Bigger Blocks and Smarter Contracts: What’s In Bitcoin Cash’s Next Fork?

Bitcoin cash's next software upgrade may be even more ambitious than its first - and that's no small feat given last time it broke...
Bitcoin cash and coin burning what does it mean

Bitcoin cash and coin burning: what does it mean?

Bitcoin Cash has rallied as much as 90 percent in the past week, eclipsing the entire crypto market and making Bitcoin’s 10-plus percent rise...

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