Friday, June 9, 2023
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Venezuela Has Declined Currency and Conjugated with Cryptocurrency

Venezuela Declines Currency and simultaneously decides to work with the cryptocurrency 'Petro'.Venezuela is issuing a new currency that cuts face value by 100,000 times....

Venezuela, introduction of new currency…Suspicion linked with Petro

The Financial Times (FT) reported to the U.K. on Tuesday (local time) that Venezuela has introduced a new currency that has depreciated its value...

Venezuelan President Implicated in Money Laundering Case

The United States has uncovered a huge money laundering scheme involving a number of influential Venezuelans, some of whom have close ties with the...

Venezuela Recognizes Petro as a National Currency

Venezuela has announced that it recognizes its encryption money as a second official currency.In Venezuela, President Maduro of Venezuela used a television speech. In February,...

Suspicion of secret sale of Venezuela’s collected cryptocurrency

Suspicions have been raised that 75,000 bitcoins, which the Venezuelan government recruited as the world's first oil-based PTR, are being illegally cleaned.Suspicions are being...

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