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Franklin Templeton has recently initiated a filing for an ether spot ETF, positioning itself within the dynamic realm of entities seeking to meld the domains of conventional finance with the realm of digital assets.

The filing reveals that the intended ETF is designed to offer investors an accessible option for the direct acquisition, custody, and transaction of Ethereum, presenting an innovative avenue for engaging with this cryptocurrency.

This development follows the authorization by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for බිට්කෝන්ගේ ETF issuers earlier in January, placing Franklin among the select group of nearly a dozen companies launching such products. The company has shown a keen interest in the potential for staking the ether accumulated by the fund, mirroring strategies like those of Ark 21Shares, which has recently amended its prospectus to incorporate staking-related provisions—a characteristic absent in BlackRock’s submissions. Franklin’s documentation indicates the fund’s potential involvement in staking via reputable service providers, with the prospect of earning staking rewards in ether tokens (ETH), which might be recognized as revenue.

With around 25% of the entire supply of ETH currently being staked, forecasts by Bloomberg Intelligence analyst James Seyffart suggest there is a 60% likelihood of the SEC green-lighting spot ETH ETFs by May.


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