Cryptocurrency خبرEthereum جا ننڍا سيڙپڪار: هڪ وڌندڙ قوت

Ethereum جا ننڍا سيڙپڪار: هڪ وڌندڙ قوت

The number of Ethereum wallets holding less than 0.1 ETH has reached over 100,000 for the first time, as reported by Santiment. This achievement underscores the expanding adoption and wider distribution of Ethereum, with larger wallet groups, including those with 0.1-10 ETH and over 10,000 ETH, also witnessing growth.

Large Ethereum stakeholders, known as whales, hold a 32.94% share of the market, totaling approximately 40.83 million ETH, based on IntoTheBlock’s data.

Conversely, smaller investors collectively possess around 12.48% of the market, amounting to 15.47 million ETH.

The latest trends in Ethereum’s wallet holdings show a surge in interest from small investors, highlighted by the increase in the number of the smallest wallet categories. Meanwhile, there is a decline in the larger wallet groups, indicating a potential shift in strategy or a search for liquidity among these holders.


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