Wednesday, February 1, 2023
CEO of Sky Mining disappeared with company money

CEO of Sky Mining disappeared with company money

$ 35 million disappeared from accounts of the Vietnamese Mining Company Sky Mining. The office is closed, the equipment was taken by unknown people....
More than a thousand cryptocurrency projects failed in 2018

More than a thousand cryptocurrency projects failed in 2018

Since the beginning of this year, more than a thousand crypto startups have closed. This is reported by TechCrunch with reference to the sites...
Cryptoscammers that stolen 47 millions arrested in China

Crypto-scammers that stolen $ 47 millions, arrested in China

Founders of the company that sold tea-secured token, for three and a half years deceived three thousand investors. Shenzhen police arrested six people who appropriated...
Texas State

Texas Authorities Shut down Jennifer Aniston Scam ICO

Scam ICOs are very easy to create, and anyone can do it! Many investors have lost their money to these fake, enticing offerings created...

ICO Atlant: founders were arrested

The fact that there are frauds among ICO projects is not a secret, and not all rogues end up behind bars. But the law...

Stay away from Electrum Pro

Bitcoin wallets are an integral tool in the world of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, not all wallets are created equally safe. The Electrum Pro wallet has...
Bytecoin BCN jumping up by 166 turned out to be a massive scam

Bytecoin (BCN), jumping up by 166%, turned out to be a massive scam?

Coinatory warned it's readers about Bytecoin in this article Yesterday, the relatively unknown anonymous cryptocurrency Bytecoin (BCN) unexpectedly soared 166% immediately after its placement on one...
Bitcoin Cash a scam

Bitcoin Cash – a scam?

Bitcoin Cash ranked #4 nowadays, can be called a scam. It is even called a scam in few sources. For example, intentionally misleading newcomers...
Attacks on cryptocurrency and 136 billion theft

Attacks on cryptocurrency and $1.36 billion theft

In 2018, the owners of cryptocurrency lost $ 1.36 billion as a result of the actions of criminals. Statistics includes asset theft, as well...
Discount Bitcoin Bandits Charged in Los Angeles for Theft

‘Discount Bitcoin Bandits’ Charged in Los Angeles for Theft

The Los Angeles County district attorney has charged a couple with stealing thousands of dollars from people who sought to purchase cryptocurrency, the district attorney’s office...

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