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X Payments Triumph: garante licença de transmissor de dinheiro em Utah

Elon Musk’s company, X Payments LLC, has secured the Money Transmitter License from the state of Utah, marking a significant step in its mission to introduce digital banking services in the United States and globally.

The effective date of the X Payments license is January 12, and it is expected to remain valid for at least the entirety of the year. This approval aligns X Payments’ plans to operate in Utah with its approvals in other key states like Wyoming, Rhode Island, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Missouri.

In Utah specifically, X Payments had applied for licensing on three occasions, achieving an impressive approval rate of over 66%. Prior to this successful application, the Utah Department of Financial Institution (DFI) had rejected X Payments’ bid to offer related services in 2023, as indicated in its archives.

Despite securing these licenses, X Payments has not implemented any changes to its platform to activate its payment gateway. Although the financial sector’s potential for growth is evident, there is no confirmed launch date for the product yet, with expectations pointing toward a possible launch later this year.

Regarding California and New York States, Elon Musk hinted at the challenges involved in obtaining licenses in these regions, suggesting that X Payments is exploring opportunities to conduct business there as well.

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of X, formerly known as Twitter, he pledged to transform the platform into an all-encompassing app that not only upholds free speech but also empowers users to engage in various activities.

Despite initial controversy, the X platform is thriving, and many anticipate key updates, including the integration of cryptocurrencies into the X Payments platform. Elon Musk, a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies, recently acknowledged the potential role of Bitcoin in facilitating transactions.

While the journey to realization is challenging, the X platform already boasts a substantial user base, given that a significant portion of cryptocurrency transactions occurs on the social media platform.


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