Cryptocurrency သတင်းများRipple CTO ခန့်မှန်းချက်များ- 5 အတွက် ထိပ်တန်းခန့်မှန်းချက် 2024 ခု

Ripple CTO ခန့်မှန်းချက်များ- 5 အတွက် ထိပ်တန်းခန့်မှန်းချက် 2024 ခု

Ripple မှနည်းပညာအရာရှိချုပ် David Schwartz သည် XRP Ledger ကိုအထူးအာရုံစိုက်ခြင်းဖြင့် 2024 ခုနှစ်တွင် blockchain နည်းပညာ၏အနာဂတ်အတွက်စိတ်လှုပ်ရှားဖွယ်ခန့်မှန်းချက်ငါးချက်ကိုမျှဝေခဲ့သည်။

Firstly, Schwartz envisions a unique blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain revolutionizing cybersecurity and financial services by 2024. He predicts AI will enable precise market analyses and support automated trading. He also emphasizes the significance of AI chatbots, especially on the XRP Ledger, in streamlining development and fostering global innovation, thereby enhancing financial accessibility.

Secondly, Schwartz foresees a major shift towards tokenizing real-world assets. He believes this will predominantly influence the blockchain economy in sectors like real estate and commodities. He expects that tokenizing these assets on the XRPL will spur a new trend in collateralized loans and institutional engagement, as well as improve interoperability.

Thirdly, Schwartz anticipates the widespread adoption of decentralized identity (DID) on the blockchain, transforming how privacy is managed. He predicts that decentralized exchanges (DEXes) will significantly benefit from DIDs, leading to increased institutional involvement and liquidity in decentralized finance.

Fourthly, Schwartz projects significant advancements in blockchain interoperability and smart contracts in 2024. He sees protocols like the XRPL’s cross-chain bridge amendment as pivotal for fostering innovation and the emergence of new DeFi applications, driving mainstream blockchain adoption.

Lastly, Schwartz predicts that stablecoins will dramatically reshape the global financial landscape. He expects stablecoins to create new foreign exchange routes and reduce reliance on the US dollar. He also foresees the Middle East leading the adoption of stablecoins for regional trading. Moreover, he suggests that as financial institutions standardize blockchain integration, stablecoins will become a universal tool, streamlining international transactions and unlocking new economic possibilities.



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