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CoinGecko अहवाल: एअरड्रॉप केलेले टोकन खूप लांब ठेवण्याचा धोका

CoinGecko's research shows that nearly half of those holding airdropped crypto tokens for more than 14 days miss selling at peak prices, with 46% of major airdrops hitting their highest value within the first two weeks.

Binance लँडमार्क कायदेशीर दंडामध्ये $4.3 बिलियन मध्ये सेटल करते

Binance Holdings Ltd. has been mandated to remit $4.3 billion as part of a plea agreement sanctioned by District Judge Richard Jones, representing one...

वाढत्या सायबर गुन्ह्यांमध्ये चीनने ब्लॉकचेन आणि मेटाव्हर्स गैरवापरावर कडक कारवाई केली

The Supreme People's Procuratorate of China has declared its intent to intensify efforts against individuals exploiting blockchain and metaverse technologies for illegal purposes. During...

स्पॉट इथरियम ईटीएफ: एक किंवा दोन वर्ष दूर, वाल्कीरी सीआयओ मॅकक्लर्ग म्हणतात

Steven McClurg, the Chief Investment Officer at Valkyrie, has shared his view that the approval of a spot Ethereum ETF might still be a...

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