Cryptocurrency Newsມູນນິທິ dYdX ເປີດຕົວ Mainnet ແລະແນະນໍາການໂຕ້ຕອບຜູ້ໃຊ້ຂົວໃຫມ່

ມູນນິທິ dYdX ເປີດຕົວ Mainnet ແລະແນະນໍາການໂຕ້ຕອບຜູ້ໃຊ້ຂົວໃຫມ່

The dYdX Foundation has made public the initiation of its primary network and a novel interface for Bridge Users.

The dYdX Foundation has unveiled a collection of critical updates, marking a transformative moment in the ecosystem’s journey. The most notable development is the official activation of the dYdX Chain’s mainnet, featuring the participation of Genesis Validators in the creation of its inaugural block. This announcement closely follows the Oct. 24 release of the dYdX Chain’s open-source software and the introduction of a fresh Bridge User Interface.
This Bridge User Interface facilitates the movement of DYDX tokens from the Ethereum network to the dYdX Chain, thereby broadening the token’s practical applications. Users looking to make this switch can refer to the comprehensive bridging guide available on the dYdX website. Moreover, users can anticipate the upcoming release of a staking guide, providing an additional means to bolster network security.
The dYdX Chain is presently navigating its post-genesis stage, which is divided into two phases: Alpha and Beta. The Alpha phase is concentrated on fortifying the network’s stability and security, with a key strategy involving the staking of DYDX tokens to dYdX Chain Validators. This enhances the network’s resilience, making coordinated attacks more challenging to execute. The progression to the Beta phase will depend on a range of factors, including performance metrics and a successful governance vote. The Beta phase is set to roll out limited trading features, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive version of the dYdX Chain.

These advancements position the dYdX Chain as a potential key player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) arena. As staking alternatives become more accessible and the network’s capabilities continue to grow, the dYdX Chain is poised to become a prime example of the evolutionary capabilities of blockchain networks, addressing the stringent security and performance requirements of the contemporary digital economy.



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