The 4th Pillar – Blockchain HR connecting platform for individuals

    Token Name: FOUR
    Token Type: Ethereum-Based
    Total Supply: 400000000 FOUR
    Contract Code:
    ICO Starts: May 1, 2018 12:00 am
    ICO Ends: May 21, 2018 12:00 am
    Bonus Description:

    EARLY CONTRIBUTION; whitelist approach with a 50% bonus
    CROWD PRE-SALE: whitelist approach with 30% bonus
    CROWDSALE: whitelist

    Legal Entity:
    Legal Name: The 4th pillar Ltd
    Incorporated in: Slovenia

    Coinatory Ratings

    Solidity: 4
    Tech: 4
    Vision: 5
    Team: 5
    Community: 4
    Overall: 4.4

    Visitors’ Ratings

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    1 visitors voted
    5.00 average vote

    More Details:

    The 4th Pillar project is a partly privately and partly public sale contribution-funded blockchain human resources and finance connecting platform for individuals and organizations. Based on the Ethereum blockchain and teleportation service, the platform will utilize smart contracts, wallets and IPFS protocol to solve day-to-day problems experienced by individuals and their employers.

    For example:

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    (1) an employee distributed professional database with a validated, automated, non-discriminatory evaluation system;

    (2) expensive international bank payments, bonus transfers, and;

    (3) work-related peer-to-peer document distribution.

    The 4th Pillar platform will be a place where individuals can build a verified professional identity, their personal decentralized savings and pension fund and at the same time, organizations can optimize their finances and recruit their potential employees.