SharesChain – Putting Real Assets Into the Digital World

    Token Name: SCTK
    Token Type: Ethereum-Based
    Total Supply: 20000000000 SCTK
    Contract Code:
    ICO Starts: March 30, 2018 12:00 pm
    ICO Ends: May 30, 2018 12:00 pm
    Bonus Description:

    100ETH and 500ETH Investments will receive a 15% bonus in SCTK.

    Investments greater than 500ETH will receive a 30% bonus in SCTK.

    Legal Entity:
    Legal Name: SharesChain Foundation
    Incorporated in: Singapore

    Coinatory Ratings

    Solidity: 4.5
    Tech: 5
    Vision: 5
    Team: 5
    Community: 3
    Overall: 4.5

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    5.00 average vote

    More Details:

    SharesChain is an advanced blockchain network that allows users to put real assets from their everyday lives into the digital world. There are presently many problems for companies and individuals wishing to digitize their assets in a lawful way. There are also plenty of problems for investors wishing to buy assets, or equity and shares in these companies due to a lack of legal knowledge, legal awareness, and general trust. The SharesChain ecosystem solves these problems by providing all types of participants (investors and companies) with the knowledge, the methods, and the mechanism for getting past these hurdles so that we all can be part of developing a better future. Now, SharesChain will only support the trading of shares or equity of a company to the blockchain space, but in the future all other forms of assets will be realizable.

    The mission of SharesChain is that any asset can be digitized, from real estate and cars, to equity and shares. As long as an asset can be legally grounded in its jurisdiction by means of a contract that has been developed by a legal service specialist, a smart contract can then be designed that embodies that asset. SharesChain will be providing the framework on how to formulate a smart contract based on these legal principles. Once the smart contract can embody the asset, it can be tokenized and exchanged on the Internet of Things; more specifically, it can be exchanged on the SharesChain network. SharesChain provides the means, in terms of accessing and paying service specialists (with the SharesChain Token; SCTK), to help individuals and companies develop a legally binding contract that can be coded into the blockchain. This will grant all parties maximal liquidity and fluidity of all sorts of assets while providing trust and transparency in terms that everything is operating according to the law. We are bridging the gap between the upside of the speed and ease-of-use of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with real assets needing hard legal stature.