Moveco – The Future of Mobility

    Token Name: MOV
    Token Type: Stellar-Based
    Total Supply: 1000000000 MOV
    Contract Code:
    ICO Starts: June 1, 2018 12:00 am
    ICO Ends: July 1, 2018 12:00 am
    Legal Entity:
    Legal Name: MOV BLOCK PTE LTD
    Incorporated in: Singapore

    Coinatory Ratings

    Solidity: 3
    Tech: 3
    Vision: 4.5
    Team: 4
    Community: 4
    Overall: 3.7

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    Earn as You Move!

    The Future of Mobility

    The future of mobility in cities is multimodal and integrated with a focus on people, instead of on vehicles like it is today. Be it car manufacturers or new mobility companies, everyone is racing towards the future where the vehicle of tomorrow is believed to be electric, autonomous and shared.
    With the greater focus on shared mobility, car autonomy, electrification, and vehicle connectivity, the amount of car generated data will grow exponentially. Car generated data is the key to making the future of mobility safer and more convenient, it is also an important factor to building new mobility services that would save consumers both time and money.

    The Mobility Ecosystem That Turns Your Miles Into Rewards

    Consumers can positively contribute to the future of mobility and earn MOV while doing so. Share your mobility data to help with urban planning or to build the next autonomous vehicle. Get instantly rewarded with MOV tokens that can be used on your next gas bill