ERN – The Earn Audio Sharing Platform

    Token Name: ERN
    Token Type: Ethereum-Based
    Total Supply: 1000000000 ERN
    Contract Code:
    ICO Starts: June 15, 2018 12:00 am
    ICO Ends: July 31, 2018 12:00 am
    Legal Entity:

    Coinatory Ratings

    Solidity: 3
    Tech: 3
    Vision: 5
    Team: 4
    Community: 4
    Overall: 3.8

    Visitors’ Ratings

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    More Details:

    Address existing issues crypto enthusiasts face, the funds raised in ERN ICO will be used for the development of Listern Audio Platform and Mindé Pocket Miner. These are the major projects of ERN.

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    Listern is a revolutionary audio platform that supports songs, voice clips, podcasts, audio books, and more! With the help of blockchain technology, Listern Audio Platform disrupts the audio sharing industry by implementing a decentralized rewards system for creators, advertisers, and listeners. Listern Audio Platform facilitates an exchange of rewards via ERN token for every qualified transaction. Whether you are a creator, advertiser, sponsor, or listener, you can start earning ERN tokens through the Listern Audio Platform.

    Mindé Pocket Miner, on the other hand, is ERN’s flagship product. Mindé Pocket Miner has the same convenience of a mobile phone, yet loaded with high-tech specifications that mining requires. Mindé Pocket Miner is conceptualized with crypto miners in mind. The pocket mining device has a built-in microSD card, touchscreen interface, camera, and a battery that can also be used as a powerbank. Aside from being a mini mining machine, Mindé Pocket Miner also serves as a cold storage or wallet for tokens and cryptocurrencies. This is made possible through ERNPay Wallet System.