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    Token Name: CGE
    Token Type: NEO-Based
    Total Supply: 45000000 CGE
    Contract Code:
    ICO Starts: March 31, 2018 9:00 am
    ICO Ends: April 28, 2018 9:00 am
    Bonus Description:

    0 to 3 Hours: 1 NEO = 438 CGE (+33% Extra CGE)
    3 to 6 Hours: 1 NEO = 387 CGE (+17.5% Extra CGE)
    6 to 12 Hours: 1 NEO = 346 CGE (+5% Extra CGE)
    12 Hours Plus: 1 NEO = 329 CGE (No Discount)

    Legal Entity:
    Legal Name: Concierge Global Limited
    Incorporated in: UK

    Coinatory Ratings

    Solidity: 5
    Tech: 4
    Vision: 5
    Team: 5
    Community: 4
    Overall: 4.6

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    More Details: (CGE) is a travel booking platform based on the NEO blockchain. The platform itself operates both a centralized front-end allowing suppliers to easily edit their listings, whilst operating a decentralized backend incorporating the NEO blockchain governing the CGE engine. Thus, building a trusted, transparent and secure travel booking platform reducing costs associated with the travel industry.

    CGE aims to disrupt the travel industry and provides multiple benefits over potential competitors within the market. A free business model, 0% booking and commission fees for the suppliers with no hidden fees. The incorporation of a peer-to-peer chat function between supplier and consumer along with the ability to pay with CGE, other crypto and Fiat-currency payment options. Furthermore, potential competition within the blockchain travel space typically utilizing the Ethereum blockchain which operates the proof-of-work protocol. Currently, this does not provide scalability for a travel booking platform [with only 15 Transactions per second]. High transaction costs powered by a mining network contributing to the unsustainable developments of this particular blockchain on both an economic and environmental level. Thus, does not offer many benefits for a real-life use case.

    Get The Latest Cryptocurrency News First - Join Us In Telegram was designed to be a real-world use platform and by utilizing the NEO blockchain it allows us to position ourselves above potential competition operating within the crypto space. NEO operating at 1,000 transactions per second with the aim to be running at 100,000 TPS by 2020 [as mentioned in NEO Devcon]. With the current speed of a transaction taking approximately 30 seconds to complete, which is something, a travel booking platform needs to consider competing against market leaders such as, KAYAK,, Viator or Costs per transaction cost just a drop of gas [less Thant $0.001]. NEO offers an eco-friendly approach by utilizing the proof-of-stake protocol. Furthermore, eliminating any associated economic and environmental issues associated with other blockchains. NEO consensus offers government compliance which will incorporate once we begin advancements in new and emerging markets and regions across the globe.

    CGE token system encourages and supports multiple scenarios such as smart contracts, exchange of data, booking agreement and dispute mechanism. In addition, the CGE infrastructure supports the development and mapping of the dApp and HTML web platform enabling to reach the mass consumer within the travel industry.