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NFT kampányt indított az Astar Network, hogy megünnepelje az Astar zkEVM Mainnet kiadását

Astar Network, a Polkadot parachain, has unveiled an NFT campaign as part of the celebration for the mainnet release of Astar zkEVM, an Ethereum layer-2 chain powered by Polygon technology.

The Astar Network’s NFT campaign, slated for Q1 2024, is designed to mark the launch of the Astar zkEVM mainnet, which was constructed using the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).

Taking inspiration from Astar Network’s Japanese origins, the campaign adopts the popular Japanese capsule machine concept to distribute random prizes. To participate, users are encouraged to explore the projects available on Astar zkEVM. The platform offers both on-chain and off-chain quests that users can complete to earn rewards. These rewards encompass exclusive NFTs crafted by Astar Network and other participating projects.

The campaign offers an immersive experience rooted in Japanese folklore, making it engaging and thrilling. Rewards will be distributed through virtual capsule machines, each customized by the projects involved in the campaign.

The rewards are distinct and feature a collection of Japanese-inspired characters that users can mint, collect, and interact with. These collectible characters can be enhanced by fulfilling specific requirements and reaching milestones.

Participating projects in az NFT campaign aim to gain global exposure and access to markets. Maarten Henskens, the head of Astar Foundation, reiterated this point, stating, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Astar zkEVM in collaboration with Polygon Labs in Q1 of the next year. This is the solution our enterprise partners require to seamlessly build on Ethereum. More than 320 organizations have joined Astar, gearing up for the next phase of web3 development in Asia in 2024. We are now extending our invitation globally to welcome projects, artists, and businesses that have yet to explore web3 to connect and participate in Astar zkEVM through this builder-friendly campaign.”

This campaign offers participants an opportunity to showcase their services to Astar’s global user base, which includes numerous projects. Furthermore, it enables them to explore the Japanese market by collaborating with government agencies and Japanese enterprises.

Projects interested in participating in the NFT campaign are encouraged to indicate their interest by completing the Google form.


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