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London Court Examines Alleged $6 Billion Bitcoin Laundering Scam

In a London court, Jian Wen is facing allegations of laundering Bitcoin as part of a purported $6 billion investment fraud, while her defense...

Gwamnatin Najeriya ta ci tarar Binance da tarar dala biliyan 10

Binance is grappling with a substantial penalty, following a massive $4.3 billion settlement with U.S. authorities, as agreed with the Department of Justice. In...

Janyewar Bitcoin dala biliyan 1 yana girgiza Coinbase

Recently, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a significant event when a large amount of Bitcoin was withdrawn from Coinbase. This happened on March 1, during...

Spot Bitcoin ETFs An Gabatar da su zuwa Fayiloli ta Bankin Amurka da Wells Fargo

Two financial advisors on Wall Street are set to back direct Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) almost two months following their introduction on prominent American...

Arbitrum don faɗaɗa kasancewar Kasuwar Koriya ta hanyar Haɗin kai

Dispread, a Korean company at the forefront of web3 and blockchain technology, has formed a strategic alliance with Arbitrum, a leading second-layer solution for...

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