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Ripple vs SEC: Deadline Extension foreslået

In the ongoing legal clash between the SEC and Ripple Labs, the SEC has requested to delay the deadlines for remedy-related brief submissions, a move agreed upon by Ripple.

Ethereum forbereder sig på skalerbarhedsspring med Dencun-opgradering til 13. marts

Ethereum has announced the successful implementation of its Dencun update across all testnets, with a scheduled deployment on the Ethereum mainnet for March 13th....

OKX udvider kryptohandelstjenester til Tyrkiet

Crypto trading platform OKX has unveiled a new service tailored for the Turkish market, providing trading options pegged to the Turkish Lira. OKX's executive Hong...

OpenSea udelukker Ethereum NFT Pass midt i politikovertrædelser

OpenSea, a frontrunner in the NFT marketplace, recently excised the Ethereum NFT pass linked to the Fractional Uprising initiative, pointing to a breach of...

MicroStrategy erhverver yderligere 3000 Bitcoin og investerer $155 millioner

Under the leadership of Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy has expanded its Bitcoin holdings as the cryptocurrency's value surged from approximately $41,000 at the start of...

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