Cryptocurrency Scams

New York Resident Confesses to $4.5 Billion Stolen Bitcoin Laundering Scheme

Ilya Lichtenstein, a New York resident, has admitted his involvement in the laundering of stolen Bitcoin valued at $4.5 billion, which was taken during...

Vyper Exploit in Curve Finance’s Stable Pools Causes $24 Million Loss

On July 30, there were exploitations of several stable pools on Curve Finance that used Vyper, resulting in significant losses of approximately $24 million...

Twitter account of Uniswap founder hacked

Hayden Adams' compromised Twitter account, with over 254,000 followers, posted a deceptive tweet containing a malicious link, falsely asserting that users' tokens were at...

Crypto hacker gets 5 years in prison after stealing $794,000

A British hacker known as Joseph O'Connor also referred to as the PlugwalkJoe, has been sentenced to five years in a U.S. prison for...

Crypto-Exchanges: Weight For The Trust- Go Hummers

Hacks, solvency issues, fake trading and ICO scams – the road of investor confidence is only more muddy and inhospitable for crypto exchanges. Recent...

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