Cryptocurrency Scams

Nigerian Politician Arrested for Alleged Involvement in $757K Crypto Heist

Nigerian authorities have detained Ambassador Wilfred Bonse, a notable Nigerian politician, on charges of theft and money laundering related to a security breach at...

Taiwan’s Kronos Research Hit by $25 Million Cyber Heist

Taiwan-based Kronos Research recently experienced a significant security breach, incurring an estimated $25 million loss. The breach involved unauthorized access to API keys, resulting...

Security Flaw in DeFi Platform Raft Leads to Major Losses and Temporarily Halts R Stablecoin Minting

The DeFi platform Raft has temporarily halted the minting of its R stablecoin following a security breach that led to significant losses. The company...

Counterfeit Linea Token Project Defrauds Users of Nearly $743,000

A recent fraudulent scheme involving a counterfeit Linea token project has resulted in users losing several thousands of dollars. Certik, a blockchain security analyst, has...

FTX 2022 Attack Update: Culprit Alters Laundering Method Amid Rising Speculations

The individual responsible for the 2022 FTX assault has changed their method of converting their illicitly acquired Ethereum into Bitcoin. On-chain expert Lookonchain observed on...

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