Cryptocurrency NewsMysterious Withdrawals Rock Wells Fargo Accounts

Mysterious Withdrawals Rock Wells Fargo Accounts

Customers of one of the major U.S. banks, Wells Fargo, have reportedly noticed unexpected withdrawals from their accounts. This issue, labeled as “debit card pending correction,” started making rounds on social media about a week ago, with many raising concerns, according to WNCT, a CBS-affiliate. These mysterious deductions ranged from just a few dollars to several hundred, pushing some accounts into a deficit.

A spokesperson for Wells Fargo explained that a technical hiccup was responsible and assured that the bank would be reversing these charges and any related fees. They stated, “A technical issue, which has now been fixed, caused delays in transaction postings for some. However, most of our customers were unaffected. Any related overdraft fees will be automatically refunded.”

Notably, this marks the third instance this year where Wells Fargo customers have faced discrepancies in their account balances. Earlier in August, a technical glitch prevented some customers from seeing their direct deposits, and in March, another set of customers encountered similar challenges.


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