Cryptocurrency NewsWife finds husband’s Bitcoin stash amid divorce proceedings

Wife finds husband’s Bitcoin stash amid divorce proceedings

The divorce proceedings for a couple from New York took an unexpected turn when a forensic accountant assisted in locating the husband’s hidden stash of 12 Bitcoin (BTC), valued at $26,903 per ticker. The husband intended to keep these assets concealed from his wife.

Although the couple had been married for a decade, the wife, known as Sarita for anonymity, suspected that her husband had not disclosed all of his assets, which would have been divided between them after their divorce. Sarita, a housewife, informed CNBC that her husband’s annual income of $3 million did not align with his reported assets.

To investigate further, Sarita enlisted the help of a forensic accountant who eventually discovered that her husband had failed to declare his ownership of 12 BTC, amounting to approximately $500,000, stored in an undisclosed cryptocurrency wallet. Sarita expressed her astonishment, stating that she had never considered the possibility of Bitcoin investments since it was never a topic of discussion or joint investment between them.

Consequently, the husband was required to relinquish a portion of his BTC holdings. Tracking cryptocurrency investments is simpler than tracking traditional fiat assets, as blockchain technology preserves all transaction records and prevents external parties from altering or deleting entries.

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