Cryptocurrency NewsUnmasking the Details: What the Court Seeks from ZachXBT

Unmasking the Details: What the Court Seeks from ZachXBT

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT recently announced on social media that his X account, along with several others, was slapped with a court subpoena asking for more details, though the reasons weren’t clear. On October 21, he posted a couple of images about this legal notice.

The first image showed what the court was asking for, while the second was a heads-up to the social media platform about the legal ask.

The list of what the court’s after is pretty long, including names, bills, IP addresses, phone numbers, detailed texts, and even when people logged on and off.

But ZachXBT mentioned that the request was so wide-ranging that X might only be able to give some of the info, especially since it doesn’t seem directly related to his account.

Some folks on X have been buzzing that maybe ZachXBT will be called to testify in court, but he’s made it clear he’d refuse, given how he feels about the way things have been handled.


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