Cryptocurrency NewsUS Senator Chuck Schumer calls for ‘comprehensive’ AI legislation

US Senator Chuck Schumer calls for ‘comprehensive’ AI legislation

The U.S. Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, intends to urge Congress to take immediate bipartisan action to develop comprehensive legislation for upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Schumer plans to deliver his message during a meeting at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C. on June 21, emphasizing the need for urgent bipartisan collaboration in Congress. Excerpts from his speech, released by his office, indicate that he recognizes the inevitability of AI’s impact and advocates for a strategy that promotes both innovation and safety measures.

“We will exert extensive efforts to craft all-encompassing legislation because of the paramount importance of this issue. We are committed to doing everything possible to achieve success.”

Schumer intends to highlight the unique challenges associated with drafting legislation that addresses every potential issue arising from the emergence of AI, describing it as an unprecedented endeavor. He plans to raise questions regarding the level of federal intervention required in areas such as taxation, and spending, and whether intervention is necessary at all.

Moreover, Schumer will argue for the promotion of safe innovation that instills public confidence, stating that the perception of AI being unsafe could hinder its development and impede progress.

These developments follow U.S. President Joe Biden’s meeting with Silicon Valley experts on June 20, where the White House’s commitment to seizing opportunities and managing the risks of AI was discussed. Biden emphasized the protection of citizens’ rights, privacy, and the need to address biases and misinformation prior to deploying AI systems.

In April, Biden also met with executives from OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google’s Alphabet to engage in discussions about AI.

Lawmakers across the United States are actively exploring regulatory measures for AI. On the same day as Biden’s meeting with Silicon Valley experts, a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a bill proposing the establishment of a commission to study the nation’s approach to AI technology.


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