Cryptocurrency NewsTwitter rival Mastodon’s active user base increases by 100K+

Twitter rival Mastodon’s active user base increases by 100K+

Following the implementation of new restrictions on the number of posts users can view, Twitter’s rival platform, Mastodon, experienced a significant surge in traffic. The active user base on Mastodon increased by at least 110,000, according to a post from the platform’s creator and CEO, Eugen Rochko, on July 2.

Mastodon, a German social media company similar to Twitter in its tweet-like structure, emphasizes its user-driven and decentralized nature. Unlike Twitter, which is controlled by a single entity, Mastodon operates through a network of dispersed computer servers, mainly administered by volunteers.

Rochko expressed gratitude to the Mastodon team for their assistance with the infrastructure, even on a Sunday, and shared various messages from long-time users and developers. One user advised new users to follow as many people and hashtags as possible since Mastodon lacks an algorithm and users must curate their feeds themselves.

Currently, Mastodon boasts 324,000 active users, and the recent surge in activity coincides with Elon Musk’s announcement on Twitter’s new restrictions. According to Musk’s rules, verified accounts on Twitter can only view 10,000 posts per day, while new and unverified accounts are limited to 500 posts.

While Musk did not explicitly explain the reasons behind these limitations, he did mention concerns about the platform’s data being exploited and negatively affecting service for regular users. Furthermore, recent data indicate the presence of numerous fake accounts within various Twitter communities.


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