Cryptocurrency NewsTwitter account of Uniswap founder hacked

Twitter account of Uniswap founder hacked

Hayden Adams’ compromised Twitter account, with over 254,000 followers, posted a deceptive tweet containing a malicious link, falsely asserting that users’ tokens were at risk due to an alleged exploit in the Uniswap platform’s Permit2 contract. This prompted vigilant members of the Crypto Twitter community to identify the scam and caution others against falling victim to it. The “Web3 Security Alerts” channel on Telegram was quick to notify its followers about the compromise of Adams’ account on July 20. Despite the tweet being taken down shortly after it was posted, multiple similar tweets remained visible to users at the time of reporting. In addition to the Twitter account, Adams’ access to his MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet accounts was blocked as well.

Utilizing social media platforms to deceive users and attempt to steal their crypto assets or fiat is not a new tactic among malicious actors. In response to such activities, Twitter’s executive chair, Elon Musk, announced on July 1 that the platform would temporarily limit the number of daily posts users can read in an effort to combat bots and other malicious actors.

In a move to compete with Twitter, social media firm Meta launched Threads, a microblogging app, on July 6. However, scammers have already surfaced on this new platform, promoting fraudulent nonfungible token projects and impersonating various Crypto Twitter personalities, adding to the ongoing challenges faced by the crypto community in maintaining security and trust on social media platforms.


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