Cryptocurrency NewsTON Foundation Unveils Encrypted Messenger to Enhance User Security

TON Foundation Unveils Encrypted Messenger to Enhance User Security

TON Foundation, the non-profit organization responsible for The Open Network (TON), has revealed the integration of messenger encryption on the network. The primary objective of this implementation is to bolster user privacy by introducing essential safeguards for text messages sent within transactions.

The recently added feature incorporates end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the intended sender and recipient can access the content of the message. This significant enhancement to TON’s platform aims to elevate security levels and provide greater peace of mind for the network’s user community.

As per the information shared with CryptoPotato, TON network charges a network fee of approximately 0.006 Toncoin (TON) per transaction for sending encrypted messages. This affordable price point is designed to ensure widespread accessibility for the growing user base of the TON blockchain.

Commenting on the latest addition, TON Foundation’s core developer Anatoly Makosov said,

“Now this popular feature – which is not available on most other blockchains – is available with full encryption. Even in the event of an apocalypse and the failure of conventional messenger servers, you will retain the ability to send messages via the decentralized TON blockchain. Rest assured that these messages will be reliably delivered and safeguarded through encryption.”

According to the foundation’s statement, numerous crypto wallets, as well as standard web and desktop wallets for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, have already integrated support for the encryption feature. This indicates that users can already benefit from enhanced privacy in their TON transactions.

Furthermore, upcoming updates for TON mobile wallets and the Tonkeeper wallet will also include the encryption feature, expanding its availability across various platforms and ensuring that users can securely communicate through encrypted messages.

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