Cryptocurrency NewsChatGPT, Anthropic & the New Age of AI

ChatGPT, Anthropic & the New Age of AI

Wow, things have taken quite the turn in the tech world! PitchBook just dropped some data that’s honestly a bit shocking. While startup funding in general has plummeted by a hefty 31%, AI companies are not just surviving but thriving! In the third quarter alone, a whopping $17.9 billion was invested in AI startups worldwide – that’s a 27% jump from last year. But this AI success has kind of overshadowed the challenges the rest of the tech sector is facing post-pandemic and with those rising interest rates.

What’s causing all this buzz around AI? It’s the rise of generative AI tech. This tech can whip up lifelike images and produce text that sounds just like us humans. It’s blown both users and investors away. In fact, it’s getting love (and dollars) much like the internet did when it first came on the scene. Think about how accessible tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT have become, and you’ll get why everyone’s so excited.

However, not all’s rosy in the AI world. The total money raised is still below what we saw before the pandemic. But the success of companies like Anthropic and OpenAI has given hope in these tough times.

Augusto Marietti of Kong, a cool startup that deals with software communication, pointed out that the excitement around AI is even affecting sectors that are doing well, like enterprise software. Kong’s been killing it, but Marietti feels like all eyes are now on pure AI companies. And if you’ve been keeping tabs on recent earnings discussions, AI is pretty much the talk of the town. Just a few years back, everyone was raving about enterprise software. Now, even successful companies like Kong are seeing the focus shift to AI. They’re still doing great, but it’s clear the tech world’s waiting to see where AI’s headed next.

In a nutshell, while most of the tech sector’s trying to find its footing, AI’s shining bright, reminding everyone of the early internet days. But the tech world is cautious, watching AI’s every move. Through the ups and downs, AI’s success story offers a glimmer of hope for other sectors searching for their way back to the top.


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