Cryptocurrency NewsThe Hong Kong Police Force launch new metaverse platform, ‘CyberDefender’

The Hong Kong Police Force launch new metaverse platform, ‘CyberDefender’

The Hong Kong Police Force’s cyber security department has introduced CyberDefender, a brand-new metaverse platform intended to inform users of the possible risks associated with Web3 and the metaverse.

A new metaverse platform called CyberDefender was announced on May 27 by the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) of the Hong Kong Police Force in an effort to prepare its citizens for the “challenges ahead in the digital age” with an emphasis on technology crime prevention.

An online event, “Exploring the Metaverse,” was held on the same day as it launched, spanning across three virtual venues, with the aim of discussing crime prevention strategies within the metaverse.

Ip Cheuk-yu, the head inspector of the CSTCB, stressed the need for guests to use the same level of prudence they use while using the internet while advising them to exercise caution in the metaverse. He stated:

“All crimes in the cyberspace could also happen in the metaverse, such as investment frauds, unauthorized access to systems, theft and sexual offenses.”

After a large increase in virtual asset crime was observed in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Police Force intends to step up its educational programs about technology crime, particularly for “the younger generation.”


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