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Streamer’s Hilarious Showdown: Biden Impersonator Falls Victim to Prank, Chaos Ensues in $450,000 Bitcoin Mishap

A call-center scammer impersonating President Joe Biden attempted to steal what they thought was $450,000 worth of Bitcoin from a streamer — instead, chaos ensued.

Building a fake cryptocurrency account on the exchange to “scam bait” bad actors is an innovative technique offered by American cryptocurrency exchange.

On May 10, prominent streamer Kitboga, whose video focuses on frustrating scammers, stated through Twitter that Kraken had constructed him a “custom environment” that he used to bother a con artist posing as President Joe Biden, with whom he had previously had an encounter around a year earlier.

Approximately $450,000 worth of Bitcoin can be observed in Kitboga’s false crypto account that Kraken established in the linked video clip.

After seeing the money on the video remote computer screen-sharing program he allegedly tricked Kitboga’s character into downloading, the con man becomes overly excited about a sizable possible reward.

The joke, though, is when Kitboga, who plays an old woman in the movie, inputs the scammer’s wallet address incorrectly before transferring all of the money. As a result, the con artist is furious and begins berating Kitboga with a string of foul language.

Kitboga obviously had fun with these scammers by pretending to get their “grandson” to buy 10,000 BTC and send it to the wrong address.


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