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Cristiano Ronaldo Drops Second NFT Collection on Binance, Owners Get the Chance to Meet Him

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned Portuguese soccer superstar, has recently introduced a fresh collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) titled “Forever CR7: The GOAT.” These digital assets are now available on the Binance NFT Marketplace and showcase iconic moments from his illustrious career, particularly highlighting significant goalscoring achievements.

Last summer, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange forged a partnership with one of the most exceptional soccer players of our era. Ronaldo, emphasizing the collaboration, expressed his commitment to providing his fans with unparalleled experiences through the Binance NFT platform. Several months later, he fulfilled his promise by introducing his initial NFT collection named “CR7.”

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Building on his earlier success, the Portuguese soccer icon recently expanded his NFT offerings with a second collection titled “Forever CR7: The GOAT.” This collection includes a wide array of digital collectibles that portray some of his most remarkable goals throughout his career. The collection is thoughtfully categorized into different selections, further enhancing the appeal and diversity of the NFTs available.

Normal NFTs depict Ronaldo’s goalscoring milestone – from goal 100 to goal 700 – and cost 10 USDT. Rare NFTs feature The Backheel (Goal 278), The Knuckleball (Goal 102), and The Game Changer (Goal 605), whereas Super Rare NFTs consist of The Bullet Header (Goal 712), The Minute Milestone (Goal 404), and A Star Is Born (Goal 1). 

Among the notable goals immortalized in the collection, one of the most iconic moments is Ronaldo’s the bicycle kick against Juventus in 2018. This remarkable feat is now being offered as an NFT with a starting price of 15,000 USDT, categorized as a Super Super Rare item. It is worth noting that there are only seven of these digital collectibles available, and one has already been sold, making it even more exclusive and sought after by fans and collectors alike.

In an exciting announcement, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, revealed that users who possess the rarest NFTs from the “Forever CR7: The GOAT” collection will have an extraordinary opportunity to meet Cristiano Ronaldo in person. To further enhance the experience, CZ assured users that Binance would cover the expenses for flights and accommodation, ensuring a memorable and exclusive encounter with the soccer legend.


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