Cryptocurrency NewsRonaldinho Under Investigation for Cryptocurrency Scam, Skips Court Appearance

Ronaldinho Under Investigation for Cryptocurrency Scam, Skips Court Appearance

Brazilian officials have reportedly initiated an investigation into legendary soccer player Ronaldinho, whose real name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, over suspicions that he may be involved in a cryptocurrency scam. Although summoned to court, Ronaldinho failed to show up and provided no explanation for his absence.

The former star of teams like FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and the Brazilian national squad is suspected of involvement in a fraudulent scheme tied to a sketchy company named “18kRonaldinho.” This company promised investors an unrealistically high daily return of 2% on a minimum investment of $30 in digital currencies. Initially, the company was in the business of selling watches and jewelry, and Ronaldinho served as its ambassador.

The 2005 Ballon d’Or winner did not attend court to clarify his potential involvement in the scam. Interestingly, he would have had the right to remain silent if he had appeared in court.

Federal Deputy Áureo Lídio Moreira Ribeiro of Rio de Janeiro announced that Ronaldinho has been called to appear in court again on August 30. He warned that failure to show up could result in Ronaldinho being forcibly brought to court by law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Ronaldinho’s legal team argues that he is actually a victim of this scam, alleging that his name and image were unlawfully used to deceive people.

Investors who blew the whistle on the operation are seeking to recover 300 million reais (approximately $61 million) for both moral and material damages caused by the potential fraudulent scheme.


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