Cryptocurrency NewsRealOpen Revolutionizes Real Estate

RealOpen Revolutionizes Real Estate

RealOpen is now operational, offering a novel way to purchase real estate using cryptocurrency.

As reported exclusively to, the platform’s founders reveal that it addresses key challenges for crypto holders wanting to buy property. It eliminates fees and withdrawal limits of public exchanges, reduces large trade slippage, and removes the need to seek out crypto-friendly sellers.

Industry watchers believe this debut could be a significant opportunity for crypto investors eyeing the real estate market. Despite its evolution, real estate remains a highly regarded investment due to its link with financial stability.

RealOpen provides a unique opportunity for investing in global real estate, not limited by seller’s crypto compatibility or cumbersome conversions via public exchanges. Users can explore options in various locations like Abu Dhabi, California, and the U.K., with no geographical limitations.

To use RealOpen, investors create an account, confirm their identity, and receive a RealScore to determine their buying capacity. They can then proceed as cash buyers in the property purchasing process.

Historically, for crypto owners, entering this sector has been difficult. Most sellers and developers prefer cash due to their inability or unwillingness to deal with cryptocurrency.

The completion of a cash purchase agreement is crucial. At the funding stage, investors transfer crypto to their RealOpen account.

As a leading brokerage, RealOpen exchanges cryptocurrency for fiat via a secure, off-market, off-chain, over-the-counter (OTC) desk in a single transaction, preventing the slippage common in large orders.

Key features of RealOpen include allowing investors to buy properties as cash purchasers, directly using their crypto holdings. This enables access to a diverse range of real estate investments.

Notably, RealOpen trades don’t suffer from price slippage. On public exchanges, large crypto sales often result in substantial slippage by the end of the trade. RealOpen’s approach can save buyers up to 10% of the home’s cost.

The platform also overcomes withdrawal and trade limit issues found in most exchanges. There are no limits on RealOpen, facilitating large purchases.

RealOpen simplifies real estate purchase for crypto holders, enabling them to buy properties with a single crypto transfer. To all involved parties, such as realtors and property owners, the buyer appears as a conventional cash purchaser.

For clients, RealOpen offers a streamlined way to finance their purchase without delays, excessive fees, slippage losses, or withdrawal constraints. Essentially, it creates a fast track for crypto holders in the real estate market.


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