Cryptocurrency NewsPolygon's Vision: Scaling Web3 with Polygon's Advanced Technologies

Polygon’s Vision: Scaling Web3 with Polygon’s Advanced Technologies

Sandeep Nailwal, the founder of Polygon, has identified two major factors crucial for the long-term success of Web3 in comparison to the current internet. Nailwal points out the significance of unlimited scalability and the capacity for blockchains to communicate effectively. He underscores the importance of allowing users the freedom to choose from a variety of decentralized profiles.

In a recent post on a platform formerly known as Twitter, Nailwal stressed the need for user-focused design and interaction to improve usability. He also emphasized the necessity for blockchain networks to have interoperability, or the ability to seamlessly interact with each other.

Nailwal stated, “Seamless user experience and cross-chain composability will be resolved soon. The combination of Ethereum and Rollups/Validium is the only approach to scale Web3 to the extent of the internet.”

He further mentioned that Polygon is striving to create a network comprising multiple blockchains, with the aim of achieving a “Planetary scale blockchain network.”

Additionally, DCinvestor, a prominent voice in the community, informed his 236,900 followers on the same platform that the introduction of Layer-2 solutions will be pivotal for blockchain success in the coming years. He observed that while solutions for bridging and interoperability are still developing, neglecting them could pose long-term risks.

DCinvestor noted, “Not every element needs to be composable with the entire state of everything else, and periods of congestion can lead to risks.”

According to recent data from Spherical Insights, the global market for blockchain interoperability is projected to surpass $1.98 billion by 2030.


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